Moving to New SSD Servers

We are moving to new SSD servers for the US servers, as a result some sites may experience a few issues.

Please let us know if you have any so we can fix it.

Thank you

17th Apr 2018
Get Two Months Free Hosting

Pay any 12 month hosting plan and get 2 Months Totally Free!

26th Mar 2018
Change To Server Space For Accounts

Due to the apparent abuse of some clients on sending our servers to max overload without thinking this is affecting all on that shared server we have decided to reduce the server capabilities to better manage the servers.We are not the big boys but do offer a service comparible to them for a fraction of the cost, meaning all can host their sites ... Read More »

15th Mar 2018
US Data Center Was Down

Clients would have experienced a short period of downtime, this was due to the US Data Center being down.

All looks to be fixed now.

We do appologise to all for this inconvenience.

15th Mar 2018
Moving to New US Server

We will be moving clients on the US server to a new server in the coming weeks.

This may cause a slight downtime of 5 - 15 minutes.

This will be a gradual process so not to interupt all clients at one time.

Thank you for understanding and patience as we improve our system.

4th Mar 2018
Increase Php Memory Limit

You can increase the memory limit for Php to 512Mb. This will help Php scripts run faster and more efficiently.

To change your limit go to your cPanel > Software > Select Php Version > Switch To Php Options and choose your memory limit.

Don't forget to save.

12th Feb 2018
UK Web Hosting Servers Now Available

You can now choose between US or UK servers for your web hosting.

No difference in price, pay the same cost and choose your server - US or UK Servers.

13th Sep 2017
We Now Offer Optimized WordPress Hosting

You can now buy optimized WordPress hosting for your website. Host 1 to 2 Websites, 2 or 4 Core CPU, 2 or 4 GB RAM, 5 or 20 GB Storage, Anti-Malware for up to 100 pages per site, 1 or 5 GB of Cloud Backups, Unlimited Email Accounts.You can also upgrade your CPU Core, RAM or purchase a Dedicated IP for SSL support. Packages are monthly ... Read More »

26th May 2017
Welcome to SLU Hosting

We hope you enjoy your time with us. From your Client Portal you can do a number of task like manage your cPanel (login to cPanel, change your password, add emal accounts, databases and more). You can also get support, add new services, upgrade your products, change your terms and Much More!

Thank you for being a part of SLU Hosting.

20th May 2017